The Portable Glory Hole

Quality Control

Each GHTG is handmade, I am maneuvering big pieces of heavy canvas around a sewing machine.  So, if you are super anal & need every single line 100% straight and every corner stitch at exactly the right angle matching exactly the opposite corner... then this isn't for you...

This is not manufactured by a milling machine in china. It is made by a actual human, not too far from Seattle.  After the initial assembly I go over each one of these & make sure all the stitching is solid, if I see something I do not like I toss it back on the machine and add more stitching.

Do I care if its 100% in line with what I am sewing over, not as much as I care about solid and strong & durable.

That being said, I do try to keep it looking good!  Sew (sorry, I had to) if you cant hang with hand crafted.... then order one of those cheap knock off glory holes from china!